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Best In Kerala

The Greenery and the Landscape, Western Ghats, Fort, Venice of the East, The Art, The Archietecture


Kerala has birthed and nurtured a plethora of art forms over a thousand years. Our shores have watched them evolve ...

Kerala Food

Spices have always played an integral part of Kerala’s history. Our food is an example of the very same and ...


Museums are storehouses of not just our history but also a treasure trove of information regarding the various events and ...

Awesome Tourism

The Mission is envisaged with a ‘triple-bottom-line’ mission which comprises economic, social and environmental responsibilities. Making tourism a tool for ...

Things to do in Kerala

While we are in Kerala, we all know. Let the lazy backwater keep your day fast and make the villagers' train to your heart. The clear call of the jungle let you awake in the desert. Both ridge Elephants Take a look at the remote foster that emits an impression of your soul, through your dreams that they never exist. In the night at night, listening to nature's symphony, the jungle raised in the place of sleep, and early morning early morning mistress awakened you in the alleged speech of tourists who are awake.